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Electronic portfolios

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Electronic Portfolio Discussion


Each student will have an electronic portfolio.


Students will choose artifacts to submit for their portfolio


Students will submit 4 samples each nine weeks (2-4) and one sample for the first nine weeks.

Just a thought...what if we say that the students will submit between 2 and 4 samples each nine weeks? Sharon and Scott have both mentioned some concern about 4 samples being overly ambitious.


I couldn't figure out how to use a different color, so I'm experimenting with Italics. :-) I think making the standard between 2 and 4 samples is a perfect solution and is realistic for the beginning of this project. Someone may start off with two for the second nine weeks and would have a goal to increase as the year goes along. -Sharon


The portfolio template is available on this site.


Some ideas for artifacts


Students record themselves reading a page from a favorite book.


Students take a picture of something, write about the picture and the read their story (record their reading).


Students take a picture of their favorite book.


Students read to younger/less experienced readers. A photograph is used to capture the event and students reflect on the process.


DIBELS reports


AR reports


Students read their journal entries about something that interests them.


The October, 2006, issue of Classroom Connect Connected Newsletter magazine has an article about Electronic Portfolios. (Christine, if you nor your library have this magazine, let me know and I'll get you the article to use in your TLG. Here's a cool excerpt from the article: The portfolio is a laboratory where students construct meaning from their accumulated experience. A portfolio tells a story. It is the story of knowing. Knowing about things...Knowing oneself...Knowing an audience...Portfolios are students' own stories of what they know, why they believe they know it, and why others should be of the same opinion. A portfolio is opinion backed by fact...Students prove what they know with samples of their work, Electronic Portfolios are a process in the making. You all are making it happen! -Sharon


Do you think that if the students complete a webquest that requires them to read and produce a presentation, that we could use the presentation as an artifact? Also, I did a Tux Paint project where each student had a letter assigned to them and they made a circle on the page, stamped the letter in the middle of their circle, and then chose 5 pictures that had the same beginning sound as the letter. Finally, the students used the paint tool and made petals around each of the 5 objects, gave the "flower" a stem and one leaf. They turned out really well and the students had a lot of fun. I think that I will allow them to do this same activity at a center all next week.


Yes, I think the presentation would be a fine artifact! -Sharon

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