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Welcome to The SANDbox!


Students And New Devices


1. Students will be able to correctly handle computers.

2. Students will recognize the main parts of a laptop.

3. Students will be able to troubleshoot.

4. Students will be able list 5 out of 7 internet safety guidelines.



About our Group Members


Christine Baker

Kenneth Carrancejie

Kathy Sabata

Lisa McDaniel

Sandra Montgomery

Michelle Bourgeois


Resources for Managing a Primary 1 to 1 Classroom


the SANDbox Podcasts

Give a listen to our first podcasts on handling a laptop and computer rules! During the school year, we will have students add their own podcasts.


Computer Troubleshooting

Here's a troubleshooting diagram to help you fix basic problems.


Internet Safety Powerpoint Download

A digital book created with Powerpoint provides some simple guidelines for student internet safety. The book is enhanced with links to interactive sites that will reinforce concepts.


Assessment Rubrics

A sample of a rubric used to score a multimedia group project.


Lesson Plan Draft in MS Word

Draft copy of our lesson plan template


Meeting Agendas


August 22, 2006


August 29, 2006


September 5, 2006


September 19, 2006




October 3, 2006


November 4, 2006


Electronic Portfolio


Click on the link to discuss the electronic portfolios for students

Electronic portfolios


This link will download the Powerpoint template for the student portfolio

Portfolio Template


Podcasting In The Classroom


Using Garageband


Ideas for using Podcasting


Placing files on an iPod

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