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Using Garageband

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1. Be sure you are using Garageband version 3.


2. Open Garageband (the icon is a guitar)


3. Title the podcast. We like to use a first name and the date, but choose a file name that is easy to remember.


4. We have found that our young students' voices record better when we use the female voice. We always click on the female head before we record.


5. Press the circle with the red dot in the middle to record. If you are using the built in microphone you have to be in a very quiet room and get very close to the microphone. We really prefer to use a USB external microphone.


6. When you are finished recording press the triangle that points to the right (the play button). This will stop the recording and your "marker" so that when you begin recording again it will start right where you left off.


7. If you want to seperate a long section of recorded information, click on the section and it should turn purple. Make sure it is the only selected portion. Move your "marker" (the line) to the point where you want to seperate and use the shortcut command (the apple) + t We remember to use the "t" because it "tears" the recording apart.


8.. If you want to join to or more sections of recorded information, select the sections that you want to join (use shift and then click to select more than one section). The sections selected will be purple. Use the shortcut command (the apple) + j to "join" the sections.


9. Be sure to save your file!


10. When you are finished click on the word "share" at the top of the screen. Select "Send to iTunes". This will send your podcast to iTunes where you can organize your podcasts and place them on your iPod or other mp3 player.

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